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Are PSP Reports on your DAC Report?

DAC Reports may now show that a PSP report was ordered by a DAC client through DAC. It may also show the link that DAC provided to the motor carrier—which allows the motor carrier to get the report. But the actual PSP will not be included with your DAC report because at this time, DAC does not obtain and forward the actual PSP report.

So, what does this mean to you? Let's say you have obtained your MVR and DAC report, they look good, but your DAC shows a PSP was ordered and you have been turned down for a job. My advice would be to obtain your PSP report--there may be something negative on it.

One of the more frustrating things you can do is get one piece of your information, e.g., just your DAC report—and get turned down for a job because of a PSP…or MVR…or past employer reference that does not appear on the DAC report. We've mentioned it before: "Whack-a-Mole" is a fun diversion at the arcade, but not a fun strategy when trying to find a driving job. If you are looking for a job or just trying to be proactive in your career, you should obtain all your information, review it and use it to your benefit. At we can help.