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When Will My DAC Report Change, and How Will I Know?

The only absolutely-for-sure thing in life is change. But that could change.

—Some Trucking Magazine Writer/Business Owner

I often get calls from clients who are registered with DOTJobHistory and months have passed since they originally obtained their DAC report. At the time they received the report, they reviewed the information submitted by past employers, corrected inaccuracies, maybe used their information to get the job they wanted.

And so months have passed and maybe they are looking for another job or have left their prior employer and want to know: “Has my DAC changed?” The answer is that you don’t know if your DAC report has changed until you review your updated DAC report, but it helps to know about the things that can cause your DAC report to change. For purposes of this discussion, let’s define “DAC Report” as your employment history reports that are stored by DAC on behalf of their member trucking companies.

There are two basic ways your DAC report can change: New information can be added, and previously reported information can be changed or deleted.

New Information

There are two main ways that new information can appear on your DAC report:

  1. You terminate employment with a company that is a DAC member, and they send your employment history to DAC.) Depending on the trucking company’s procedures, this latest employment history can be added anytime from within a day of your termination to weeks later, but it is usually added within a month of your termination.
  2. You have not quit a job with a company that is a member of DAC, but a company that was not a DAC member when you quit has now joined DAC and contributed historical records. For example, assume you worked for XYZ company and quit 6 months ago. At that time, XYZ was not a DAC member. XYZ employment history was not on your DAC when you last checked. If XYZ company becomes a DAC member and decides to contribute prior employment histories, your employment history with XYZ might be added. Typically companies will only contribute the past 3 years of historical data if they contribute any historical data.

Changes to Existing Information on your DAC

There are several ways that existing information could change on your DAC report.

  1. ”Old” information is deleted from your history file.
    As previously described in this column, various categories of information on the DAC report “fall off” after given time periods automatically. After 3 years, drug/alcohol information drops off. After 7 years, all “good/bad” information drops off. After 10 years, the whole employment history drops off.
  2. You’ve disputed information or submitted a rebuttal.
    You may dispute information on your DAC report and the information may change, be deleted and/or a rebuttal statement (refer to previous articles at “What’s New” to get more information on this) that you have submitted may be added.
  3. A company has gone out of business and/or quit membership with DAC.
    If this happens, all “good/bad” information will be deleted just as if 7 years had passed.
  4. A “Global” company-wide or DAC-instituted change may have occurred
    Rarely, a company will request that every employment history they have ever submitted to DAC be uniformly changed. For example they may decide that on the “eligibility for rehire” status, every record be marked as “upon review” If your record originally said “Yes” or “No”, your record would be changed.
  5. Even more rarely, DAC itself may amend all records in the database. The only instance of this occurring that I recall was in the 1990s when all references in the database referring to any physical injury or sickness e.g., “quit due to injury” was deleted from the database.

If you have not changed jobs, disputed your information or passed a three, seven or ten year time period, your record will probably not have changed, but if in doubt and you are preparing to look for another job, it does not hurt to check. DOTJobHistory members can order an updated DAC on themselves at any time. Also, upon annual renewal of your membership, a DAC report is obtained. If you are not registered with DOTJobHistory, you may contact DAC yourself to again review your report, but DAC may charge you for the report if your last request was not more than a year ago.

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