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Drivers - register with DOTJobHistory and:

  • Obtain your AppPak™ (Complete "DAC" Report and your driving, employment and criminal history).
  • Request/Obtain the information on-line. No faxing or mailing.
  • Receive expert interpretation, evaluation and advice regarding your information and situation.
  • Correct inaccurate information and add your version of events to your records using our on-line tools.
  • Be able to prove employment even if an employer has gone out of business.
  • Update/Order new reports on yourself anytime at low cost. (e.g, cost of additional DAC Reports are $14.)

DOTJobHistory has a monthly column, The Hire Road, which appears in The Trucker Magazine, Driving Force Magazine and many on-line sites. You may read reprints of these articles and find out more about DOTJobHistory and how we can help you on our:

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Registering is simple

Choose a plan:
  Get Your AppPak™

Reports only: $39.00 per year. (Plus MVR state fee if you want an MVR)

Motor Vehicle Report (not available in LA, MA, MD, NH, OR, PA, WA and WY.)

Identity Authentication (including Social Security Number Screen, 10 government watch lists)

Infraction, Misdemeanor and Felony Record Database Search

National Driver Register (NDR) Search

“DAC” Report (All HireRight employment/driving/criminal info plus list of companies that have seen your info)

You will be able to review/manage/print this information on-line, from any computer with internet access by logging into your account, 24/7, 365.
We will interpret/evaluate all information.

What information is on these reports and how do employers use them?
Get information here.

New: Digital Document Vault.
Read more here (PDF) :

$109.00 (Plus MVR state fee if you want an MVR).
The premium plan includes everything in the Basic Plan but in addition, provides you with your past 5 years of employment history and earnings from the IRS-regardless of whether the company is a member of HireRight/DAC or has gone out of business. This information is available in two business days. Also, DOTJobHistory will verify job performance of the past three years.

In addition, DOTJobHistory will consult with you to correct any inaccurate, misleading or incomplete information on any of your reports.

NEW! Click here to learn more and get frequently asked questions on this service. More